I consent..

I am a homosexual pervert who pretends to be straight. I even have a girlfriend so I look normal to my friends and family but it’s all one big fat lie.

I love to be degraded and humiliated, I love to be belittled and mindfucked and JamieT does this perfectly for me.

I advertise myself online as a gay escort and i’ll fuck anyone for some money or coke, i’ll even let you stick your boot in my balls and your cock down my throat cause I love the pain and the taste of cum.

I am sick, disgusting and I deserve to be fucked up. I want everyone to see the real me and if that means you cut me out of your life then so be it, I am fed up pretending to be something I am not.

My ideal fantasy would be my mistress blackmailing me for real and then my friends and family finding out all about me so I have to give up this life I have now which is boring and dull and move to the UK where I can be the free and single homosexual slut I was born to be. 

I love to dress up and tie my balls up tight, get high and have my Mistress laugh at me, I am her little puppet and I will do anything she says. She is advertising me like a cheap hooker online and I love it. I will suck dick for her dressed up as a sexy bimbo slut and send her all the evidence. I will work on a webcam site and create onlyfans content to show how devoted I am to my Mistress. Chastity will be worn, my balls will be hurt and my mouth used as a glory hole forever more and if you want to get your hands on my sexy body and blow job mouth then you better contact me. I live in Kehl Germany and I can travel to you or meet you in a local dogging spot for a quickie.

I love to be exploited and used, I want to be forced and abused. I want you making me do bad things and recording it to use against me. It turns me on knowing I am displayed like a piece of meat in a butchers shop for everyone to see. I want hands all over me and I want to be made to suck your dick on film. I want my friends and family to see me sucking off a guy so I have to leave Germany and start my new life. To be honest I am too scared to do it myself, and worried I won’t make friends or enjoy the experiences. I am pathetic, I am a weasel of a man and I am too much of a pussy to leave Germany but I know deep down I should because my new life will be so much better than this one I have now with my boring fake girlfriend and crap friends.

I want to please and will do practically anything you suggest, I am very open minded and at this point I don’t care what people think of me.