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Specialising in hacking devices to gain control over them and you, JamieT provides a sexy hacking service for all the nerdy geeks and horny freaks that like technology and risky fun! 


Do you get off on a sexy woman taking control, like to feel helpless and used? Step forward then and enjoy a session like never before.. If you want to lose control and be dominated by a sick, cruel but beautifully twisted woman then you want a sexy hacking session performed by JamieT! JamieT will find all your dirty secrets and all your personal details and contacts.. Ask yourself what personal details, precious photos, memories and dirty secrets could be lurking on those devices and what will JamieT do with the information she has on you.. 

JamieT will see what you type and what you look like.. She will spy on you, watch you, your screen and listen thru that microphone whilst filming it all for evidence..


Let me take your mouse in my hand!…



JamieT has an arsenal of programs and tools at her disposal, all tested beforehand so she can provide a safe experience for you the customer. Your safety is key when playing with me and it is advised that you set limits before a session takes place! Everything is non permanent, non damaging and safe for those devices.


Once inside that device JamieT will have full control over it and you!.


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Set limits or don’t?..

Your safety is key during my sessions, I want you to feel safe! I ensure all your data is kept safe and is not used. I always ask for you to set limits, playing with none is dangerous pet.. You can choose no extortion, no blackmail and no exposure which means you would be completely safe. No cash would be taken, no photos would be posted and there would be no blackmail but i’d still make it very fun for you, all my sessions are!


A twenty minute session including the rat, payload or exploit needed for your device  with simple setup instructions will cost £20.00 per device.. Rats are sent out via email and support is available if needed on Teamviewer or Anydesk. So what are you waiting for pet? Get SexyHack’d today by a professional that knows what she is doing..


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JamieT does not hack clients without authorisation, this is illegal!..

JamieT does not hack clients without payment, payment is authorisation!

JamieT will not hack your mother, brother or lover so don’t ask!




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