JamieT can hack into a lot..


Got a device such as a Windows PC, Mac computer, Chromebook, Android phone or any system running Android then JamieT can hack into it! 


If you have a Windows based system such as a PC or laptop JamieT will install programs of her choosing to suit your needs, data will be collected on you and files such as pictures, videos & documents will be taken off those drives. You will be spied on thru that microphone and camera if you have one attached, your screen will be watched and JamieT will control that mouse and keyboard like it’s her own! Everything you do will be watched and recorded. JamieT will make that computer do some amazing things whilst she is in it!

JamieT can lock the pc down in various ways, block programs, files and more. Alter the registry and system files, use naughty programs in a way delight and amaze you the user.. You will enjoy getting hacked!


JamieT can hack into that Android phone, Android based Tablet and Kindle. Once connected to your device JamieT will look through all those texts and contacts taking an exact copy of them all. Your camera roll & files stored in your storage and SD card will be looked at, copies will be taken and files added as JamieT sees fit. JamieT will record through your microphone & take photos of you providing your phone allows it. Your screen and what you type may be recorded. Those Apps, sensors, GPS location and the brains of the devices becomes putty in her hands. In a click JamieT could wipe it but i’d never do that unless requested beforehand.


If you own a Macintosh Computer JamieT can get inside them as well. That screen can be controlled, the keyboard and mouse will be used like it was her own in most cases. All those files and drives you have plugged in will be like a playground for JamieT.


Legal Note – Calls are not listened to or recorded as this is against the law & accounts will not be accessed after the session ends. Users that authorise sessions with myself are aware their devices, accounts and system may and will be hacked.