Pay for services!


If you want a sexy hacking or Teamviewer session performed by JamieT then you need to pay for it!


JamieT does not work for free, she will not collect payment for sessions whilst in a session and does not take Amazon giftcards as payment. Cash only pets!


Payment is required upfront from you as authorisation for the session so if you want a session you know what you have to do! Run along and pay..


You are paying for one twenty minute session in one device..

You will receive an email from JamieT shortly after payment has been received which will require you to book a time slot for your session.. Limits can be set during this time and any questions you may have can be answered in detail. You are never forced into sessions are are free to change your mind at any point but refunds are not given just because you chickened out pet. 


If you run into setup difficulties JamieT can offer support!



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